Thursday, August 21, 2008

EURO TOUR - part one - berlin

I flew air berlin to berlin. They gave me playboy on the plane. it sucked.

I then went to a resturant called white trash. all the waitresses were dress as, er white trash? i had fried chicken of course. it was great.

I then went to this metal bar by myself. it wasn't great but they were playing burzum on the stereo.

I was spending a few hours a day shooting people who own shops for a dutch mag. i hung out with these wooden crocodiles. they weren't much fun.

The Playgrounds in berlin are pretty nice.

"Gross Hamburger Srasse" - Big hamburger street.

oh hello buddy.

A lot of doctors lived in this building

Hello again buddy.

Then i went to a very geman cafe and asked for some nuts and got pretty much a kilo of them

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Joe Miranda said...

Ben, that's the best post I've seen.
I weren't feeling Berlin that much when I went.
Good luck on the rest of "The Tour".